The First

Scalp Micropigmentation 

in East & Central Africa 
based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
with Exclusive techniques& World first SMP lenses

Winner of Meeting of Minds 2023

Ghost pigment PRO TEAM

Dragonhawk PRO TEAM

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives an illusion of a closely shaven full head of hair with a hairline on a bald head or adds density to a thinning hair with no reported side effects. SMP is considered a permanent hair loss solution but depending on how it’s taken care of in the
following years usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup session.

a man with great Scalp Micropigmentation reading a book
before and after scalp micropigmentation

Who are we?

Scalpalex Scalp Micropigmentation is the first SMP center in East and Central Africa which is based in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. We are one of the best scalp micropigmentation service providers in the world, 2023 Team Micro’s Meeting of minds winner held in Manchester,UK, owned two exclusive SMP techniques ‘SSMP(ultra mini strokes technique)’ & ‘The Spiral crown technique’ ,contributed a lot to the industry with excellent customer service, 5 star reviews and ultra realistic, natural looking, undetectable results with impeccable quality and attention to details. We are a specialist in dark skin clients and owned ‘World first’ SMP mockup AR lenses. We are a pro team member and exclusively sponsored by Ghost pigment and Dragonhawk companies.

what do our

Clients Say?

Simeon FikruSimeon Fikru
10:41 25 Oct 23
I have seen other artists and got work done abroad but Alex stands out as he is very professional and talented.Both sessions went well I highly would recommend him...TOP NOTCH!
Sam SamSam Sam
14:52 23 Oct 23
Alex was such a great person and an amazingly patient and precise artist.Both sessions were smooth and pleasant. The results already exceed my expectations.I flew from west Africa and I would definitely recommend Alex for people in and out of Africa.Great artist and great service.Way to go bro!
Sidrak H.Sidrak H.
09:41 18 Oct 23
It was an amazing experience. I feel really bold now!
Samuel MadeboSamuel Madebo
09:37 14 Oct 23
I got good service thanks
Michael AbrhaMichael Abrha
14:18 07 Oct 23
Thank you so much you are real professional SMP artist god bless you
Mame AlliMame Alli
14:02 21 Sep 23
Danko GM AwokeDanko GM Awoke
09:28 16 Sep 23
I haven't word to express my felling I am so Happy Amazing result with best professional person Thank youDanko
09:30 06 Sep 23
Am very very happy visit him pls
11:04 04 Sep 23
I just have had my smp done at Scalpalex. The experience was excellent, the process was smooth, and I am extremely satisfied with the result. Alex is great. I would recommend Scalpalex to all those interested in the procedure.
Daniel WorkuDaniel Worku
09:20 30 Aug 23
It was the best customer service and artistry I have seen in Addis. Alex, keep up the good work you really is making ppl bold as you claim.
Yonati YonatiYonati Yonati
10:12 29 Aug 23
You are the most brilliant & talented gayAm back to young.....thanks bro
Yosef TesfayeYosef Tesfaye
09:18 11 Aug 23
It was a great experience getting my SMP. The place is calming and chill. And I just love the result. It looks natural and brings confidence back. Thanks a lot, Alex You are an amazing artist !!!
Ibrahim HusenIbrahim Husen
09:08 26 Jul 23
Betam tiru yedenbenga agelgilot alachew.beserulingim yetsegur enkibikabe betam rekichalehu.Husen.
Nati HanonNati Hanon
14:03 10 Jul 23
No comment am so happy 100%Thanks good luck alex
Way LifeWay Life
15:08 06 Jul 23
How much for full head smp price average?And how long the pigment lastEvery how long u have to do touch up

Client Testimonials

a happy Scalp Micropigmentation family
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The most natural
and undetectable
SMP results you will ever get with
exclusive ultra realistic

Spiral Crown technique

Crown hair grows in a spiral shape starting at some point and evolving like a tornado not in a linear line or random shape. Here at Scalpalex we replicated this to make the crown SMP look more natural and undetectable.

exclusive spiral crown technique

SSMP(ultra mini strokes technique)

Fitz 5 and above skinned clients trimmed hair supposed to be a pack of ultra mini stroke like hair strands not a pack of dot like follicle points. we replicated this on the first session to make the SMP results as realistic as it can get.

scalpalex exclusive hair strokes first session

our Services

What do we offer?

male pattern baldness fix with SMP

SMP for male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is a type of hairloss which is associated with male sex hormones caused by genetics or having a family history of baldness usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thining on the crown. a receded hairline gives you a much older appearance than you actually is.SMP helps in restoring your hairline which will give you a more youthful appearance and restore your confidence which is affected by a thining crown. what are you waiting for? book today and restore your confidence. guaranteed you will love it and you will regret the days you spent under the hat or trying other solutions.

Alopecia Areata fix with hair tattoo

Alopecia concealment

Alopecia areata/totalis is an autoimmune disease, whereby your immune system which is designed for protecting your body from bacteria and viruses, erroneously attacks your hair follicles instead. SMP provides guaranteed, long lasting results than traditional approaches such as immunotherapy, corticosteroids and minoxidil. Both Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Totalis can be concealed using SMP.

hair transplant FUT scar fix with scalp micropigmentation

Scar camouflaging using scalp micropigmentation

The scarring from FUE (spots) and FUT (strip) hair transplant surgeries and absence of hair in those areas can be quite noticeable and have a negative effect on a person’s confidence. SMP camouflages the appearance of these scars or any non-keloid scars on the scalp and reduce the appearance of vitilingo on the scalp.

adding density to a thining hair using SMP

Adding density to a thining hair

Tried hair oils and sprays but they are not giving you the result you want for your thining hair? dont worry Scalp Micropigmentation is here for you. SMP makes a thining hair look fuller and thicker by decreasing the contrast between the skin and hair thereby creating an illusion of density without causing any issues to the existing hair.

We featured on

Why choose us?

exclusive SMP techniques

Exclusive techniques

We excute SMP techniques you will never see anywhere else in the world to make SMP as realistic as it can get. Exclusive spiral crown technique & Exclusive scalpalex first session

excellent customer support

Excellent client support

We usually make contact with our clients to check their SMP status a month after they finished the sessions. We will consult them if they have any concerns and if they do need support.

Five star google reviews

5 stars client reviews

We amassed a total of over 100 five star reviews and 500+ treatments to our name. clients loves our approach and the treatments.

SMP pro team

Pro team and Sponsored artist

We are part of Ghost pigment and Dragonhawk tattoo supplies pro team and sponsored by them because of the quality work we produce and most of our work feature on their pages.

dark skinned clients specialist

Dark skin SMP specialist

We are one of the best in the world when it comes to producing the most natural scalp micropigmentation results on Fitzpatrick 5 and above skinned clients. Recommended by SMP artists around the world.

Alemayehu Bete

SMP artist at Scalpalex Micropigmentation

Founder of Scalpalex, a computer science graduate and a former tattoo artist now more than 3 years in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. Alemayehu is an upcoming SMP artist to the ranks and the future of SMP who can change the industry with new innovations. He has got his own technique of executing Scalp Micropigmentation and original in everything he do. he has got the skill set that could change the industry. owned two exclusive SMP techniques ‘Spiral crown hair technique’ and ‘Scalpalex first
session’. He is a pro artist in Ghost pigment and Dragonhawk companies. Alex is passionate and digs deep to make Scalp Micropigmentation as realistic as it can get. he is honest and enjoys what he do as an artist. Alex is his own critique and always demand better. his main goal is changing lives and watch happy faces around. He was one of the 8 SMP speakers on the world’s largest SMP and PMU conference organized by Team micro held on August 9,2023

What did SMP artists around the world said about us?

Scalp Micropigmentation Studio
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Sponsored by and Pro team member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some men are lucky with their hair but others find that over time their hair starts to thin and even
fall out. Leaving them with bald patches or with hair that they felt uncomfortable with.
These men will often try out a variety of ways that will help improve the look and feel of their hair,
hair regrowth sprays,hair oils and even pills, all with the hope that they will have hair like they
used to.

However these treatments do not always work,leaving them feeling disappointed by the results
and perhaps how they look. Another option that they consider is surgery, but they could be afraid
of undergoing a hair transplant or perhaps find that they are not the right candidate for one of
these procedures.

Does this mean that these men are destined to a life of thinning hair? The answer is NO. If these
individuals would be happy with the idea of a freshly shaved and natural look to their hair then
perhaps they will find that SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION is the best option for them.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a
closely shaven full head of hair with a hairline on a bald head or adds density to a thinining hair.

SMP is safe with no reported side effects. we use new,pre-sterilized needles for each client. our
studio, chairs bed,lights,mirrors, every corner.. is always sterilized using Ozone and UV daily. We
always autoclave all our equipments after each usage. equipments are always wrapped to create
a sterile environment

SMP is almost pain-free.Some say that they have experienced a little mild discomfort in the initial
stage. However, the discomfort gradually goes away after some minutes.The level of
pain depends on the pain threshold of the client which varies from person to person. But if we
are to put it on a scale of 1-10, most clients rate it from 2 to 4. So, it is relatively moderate and
nothing to worry about.


There is no medication that will be given after the procedure. you are good to go and return
to work immediately.

  • Individuals who shave their heads
  • Persons with Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis
  • Those whose donor hairs are not enough to cover the balding area for Hair transplant(Norwood
    stage 5,6,7) Norwood scale
  • Those who prefer that ‘younger look’
  • Those who had a hair transplant procedure and want to add density to the excisting
    transplanted hair.
  • Those whose hair is thinning

Scalp Micropigmentation, when done by an experienced practitioner, gives hyper-realistic
Clients say that even up close in the mirror, they can’t even tell the difference between their real
hair follicles after the treatment.

SMP is considered a permanent hair loss solution but depending on how it’s taken care of in the following years usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup session.

We are currently charging 24,000 birr/$450 for two scalp micropigmentation sessions(all Norwood
types). we have prepared a package for foreign clients 

Economic Package bundle for $785

    • 7 days in a 3 star Hotel includes a free breakfast and free wifi on your stay.
    • Free Airport pickup transfers to the hotel
    • Two scalp micropigmentation sessions
    • a free transport to the studio and back to the Hotel
    • Excellent client follow up service

Premium package bundle $975

  • 7 days in a 4 Hotel includes breakfast,lunch, dinner and free wifi for the whole stay.
  • Free Airport pickup transfers to the hotel
  • Two scalp micropigmentation sessions
  • a free transport to the studio and back to the Hotel
  • One day tour of Addis
  • Excellent client follow up service

The first session takes 2-3 hours depending on the extent of hair loss
The second session takes an hour more than the first session.

Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and non-surgical requires no down time. Most clients
return to work right away after the procedure.

Trust the process

SMP is not a one time procedure it is done through sessions. you should trust the process until your final session.

first smp session vs second smp session

First session

we start cautious with your first visit. the ink used is light in shade,the pressure is light, the density is lighter. you will be leaving with a layout and foundation for your following visit/s

Second session

During the second session, we will assess how the first session healed and we will go darker and denser also you will find some of the impressions didn’t stay from the first session in response to how your own body immune system reponds and heals. More volume and density will be added this time and your perfect hairline will be created according to your preference. The second session is the major session takes about 1 to 2 hours more than the first.

Scalp Micropigmention is reversible. We’ve never had a customer to date want to remove the
treatment however the removal process would be similar to a tattoo removal. The difference is
that Scalp Micropigmentation is on the upper dermal skin layer/ papillary layer compared to a
regular tattoo being twice as deep. So a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a lot easier to
remove and can be fully removed with a laser within two sessions.

If you want to have an idea on how you might look with SMP. you can try our world first Snapchat AR Lenses
for free. search for ‘Scalpalex’ in snapchat lens explorer.

This is the brochure we give clients after they have done the procedure. You can zoom and read

post care scalp micropigmentation

አንዳንድ ሰዎች እንደ እድል ሆኖ በተፈጥሮ ጠንካራ ግጥም ያለ ፀጉር አላቸው ሌሎች ደግሞ በጊዜ ሂደት ፀጉራቸው ይሳሳል ፣ይረግፋል ይነቃቀላል አልፎ ተርፎም ይመለጣል የሚሆነው ነገር ምቾት አይሰጣቸውም ይበሳጫሉ ይቆጫሉ በራስ መተማመናቸውም ይቀንሳል::

እነዚህ ሰዎች ፀጉራቸው እንዳይሳሳና እንዳይመለጥ ፀጉሬ እንደ ልጅነቴ ይመለስልኛል በሚል ተስፋየማይሞክሩት ነገር የለም ቅባቶች፣ሻምፖዎች ኮንዲሽነሮች ከዛም አልፎ መድሃኒቶች ነገር ግን ጊዜያቸውንና ገንዘባቸውን አባክነው የሞከሩት መንገድ ሳይሰራ ሲቀር ይበሳጫሉ ይናደዳሉ ብሎም በሃፍረት ተሸማቀው ኮፍያ ማድረግ ይጀምራሉ:: ሌላኛው የሚሞክሩት አማራጭ የፀጉር ንቅለ ተከላ ማድረግን ነው ነገር ግን የቀራቸው ፀጉር አነስተኛ ይሆንና ራሳቸውን ለንቅለ ተከላ ብቁ ሳይሆን ያገኙታል:: እና እነዚህ ሰዎች እድሜ ልካቸውን የሳሳ ፀጉር ያላቸውና መላጣ እንዲሆኑ ተፈረደባቸው ማለት ነው?!😢😢😢

አይደለም! ተስፋ አለ🤗:- የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ ወይም ስካልፕ ማይክሮፒግመንቴሽን(ኤስ ኤም ) አዲስ በማደግ ላይ ያለ በጣም ውስብስብ ማንም ሰው በአይን አይቶ ከፀጉር ለመለየት የሚቸገርበት ያላደጉ ፀጉር መሳይ ቅንጣቶች በረቀቀ መንገድ የሚቀመጡበት የታቱ አይነት ሲሆን ፀጉራቸው ለተመለጠ ሰዎች አማራጭ መፍትሄ ነው::

ይህ ዘዴ አንዱ ውስብስብ የታቱ አይነት ሲሆን ከተፈጥሯዊ ንጥረ ነገር የተሰሩ ቀለሞች ለዚህ ስራ ተብለው በተዘጋጁ ረቂቅ መርፌዎችና መሳሪያዎች ይሰጣል:: ውጤቱን ወዲያው እንዳለቀ የሚያዩት ይሆናል::

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ እንደተለመደው አይነት የታቱ አይነት በጊዜ ሂደት ቀለሙን የማይቀይርና መካከለኛው የቆዳ ክፍል ላይ 30ሺህ በላይ ፀጉር መሳይ ቅንጣቶች ጥቅጥቅ ተደርገው በረቀቀ መንገድና በጥንቃቄ የሚቀመጡበት ዘዴ ሲሆን ፍፁም ተፈጥሯዊ ስለሚመስል የተመልካቹ አስተያየት ቆንጆ ፀጉር እያለህ ለምን አታሳድገውም የሚል ይሆናል፡፡

  1. በተለምዶ ሙሉ መላጣ ተብለው የሚጠሩ ሰዎች
  2. በተለምዶ ላሽ ተብሎ በሚጠራው የቆዳ በሽታ አይነት የተጠቁ ሰዎች
  3. ለንቅለ ተከላ በቂ ያልሆነ ፀጉር የቀራቸው ወይም በፀጉር የመመለጥ ደረጃ አምስት፣ ስድስትና ሰባት ላይ ያሉሰዎች( ከፊት ሳስቶ(ተመልጦ) ከሁዋላ መመለጥ የጀመረ ወይም የተመለጠ) Norwood scale
  4. በፍላት(ክሊን ከት) የፀጉር ቁርጥ ምቾት የሚሰማቸውና የወጣትነት እይታ እንዲኖራቸው የሚመኙ ሰዎች
  5. ከዚህ በፊት ንቅለ ተከላ ያካሄዱና ጥቅጥቅ ያለ የፀጉር እይታ እንዲኖራቸው ለሚፈልጉ ሰዎች
  6. የራስ ቅላቸው ላይ ጠባሳ ያለባቸው ሰዎች
  7. ከፊት ሳይሆን መሃል ላይ የሳሳ ፀጉር ያላቸው ሰዎች (ቆዳቸው በረቀቀ መንገድ ጠቆር እንዲል ስለሚደረግ ሞላ ያለ የፀጉር እይታ ይኖረዋል)

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ አንዱ ዉስብስብ የታቱ አይነት ሲሆን ታቱ ላለፋት ምዕተ አመታት ያስከተለዉ የጎንዮሽ ጉዳት የለም:: በረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱም እስካሁን የተረጋገጠ የጎንዮሽ ጉዳት የለም፡፡ለእያንዳንዱ ሰው አዲስ መርፌና አቃፊ ሞተር የምንጠቀም ሲሆን ሂደቱን ከመጀመራችን በፊት ራሳቸው ከእሽጉ ወስጥ ከፍተው እንዲሰጡን እንጋብዛለን::

ህመም አለዉ?

አብዛሃኛው ሰው መርፌ ይፈራል ነገር ግን አይጨነቁ እምብዛም ህመም የለውም ትንሽ ምቾት ላይሰማዎት ይችላል ከዚህ በፊት ታቱ አድርገው የሚያውቁ ከሆነ ከዛ በጣም ያነሰ ህመም ይኖረዋል::የህመሙ ደረጃ ከሰው ሰው ይለያያል ነገር ግን ደረጃ እንስጠው ከተባለ ብዙ የተሰሩ ሰዎች 10 ከሁለት እስከ አራት ባለው ደረጃ ዉስጥ ያስቀምጡታል::

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ(ስካልፕ ማይክሮፒግመንቴሽን) ቋሚ ከሚባሉት መፍትሔዎች የሚመደብ ነው:: እንዳለዎት የፀሃይ ተጋላጭነት የሚወሰን ሲሆን ከአራት እስከ ስድስት አመት ባለዉ ጊዜ ውስጥ ደብዘዝ ሊል ስለሚችል አንድ ዙር መደገም ሊፈልግ ይችላል፡፡

እንደሚሸፈነው የጭንቅላት ስፋት ከሁለት እስከ ሶስት ሰአት ይፈጃል፡፡ የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ በሁለት ዙር የሚሰራ ሲሆን ሁለተኛዉ ዙር አብዛሃኛዉን ጊዜ የመጀመሪያዉ ከተሰራ ከአስራ አራት ቀን በሁዋላ የሚሰራ ይሆናል፡፡

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ ቀዶ ጥገና አይደለም የሚወሰድ መድሃኒትም የለም ወዲያው ተሰርተው እንደጨረሱ ወደ ስራ ገበታዎት መመለስ ይችላሉ፡፡

የሳሳ ፀጉር ሞላ ያለ እንዲመስል ከተሰራ የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ ውጪ በፍጹም ፀጉርዎትን ማሳደግ የለብዎትም ፀጉርዎ ሲያድግ ስራው ስለሚደበቅ በየሁለት ወይም ሶስት ቀን በቶንዶስ ማንሳት ግድ ይላል፡፡

በተደጋጋሚ ፀጉር ቤት ከሚሄዱ አንድ የፀጉር ማሽን(ቅርፅ ማዉጫ ቶንዶስ የተሻለ ነው) ቤትዎት ቢኖር ይመረጣል፡፡

ነጭ ፀጉር፡

ፀጉር ሲያድግ ብርሃን ሲያንፀባርቅበት ነው ነጭ ወይም ጥቁር ፀጉር የምንለየው ሲላጭ ወይም ሲያጥር ነጭ ፀጉር(ሽበት) አይታይም:: 

ሂደቱን ይመኑ

የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ በአንድ ዙር የሚጠናቀቅ ስራ አይደለም በዙሮች እንጂ ስለዚህ ዙሮችዎን እስከሚጨርሱ በስራው እምነት ሊኖርዎት ይገባል:: ጠቆር የምናደርገው ይዘት በመጨመር(ጥቅጥቅ በማድረግ) ነው::ጥቁረትም ቢሆን ተፈጥሯዊነቱን ሳይለቅ ማንም ተመልካች አይቶ ከፀጉር መለየት እንዳይችል ተደርጎ እንደሚሰራ እርግጠኛ ይሁኑ፡፡

first session vs second session amharic

የመጀመሪያ ዙር

በዚህ ዙር ስራው በጣም እንዳይጠቁርና ከተቀረው ፀጉርዎጋ እንዲመሳሰል በጥንቃቄ ስለምንጀምር የምንጠቀመው ቀለም በጣም ጠቆር ያላለ የእጃችን ግፊትም ላላ ያለ በጣም ጥቅጥቅ ያላለ ነው:: በዚህ ዙር ለሚቀጥለው/ሉት ዙር/ሮች መሰረት የምንጥልበት ፀጉር የሚጀምርበትን ቅርፅ የምናወጣበት ነው:: ይሄ ዙር ከሁለት እስከ ሶስት ሰኣት ይወስዳል::

ሁለተኛ ዙር

ይሄኛው ዙር ዋናው ስራ የሚሰራበት ነው:: የመጀመሪያው ዙር እንዴት እንደዳነ አይተን (አንዳንድ የፀጉር መሳይ ቅንጣቶች ሊጠፉ ይችላሉ) እሱን የምናስተካክልበት ጠቆር እና ጥቅጥቅ የምናደርግበት የመጨረሻው ፀጉርዎ የሚጀምርበትን ቅርፅ የምናወጣበት ካለዎት ፀጉር ጋር የምናመሳስልበትና ይዘት የምንጨምርበት ነው:: ይሄኛውዙር ዋናው ዙር ስለሆነ 30 ደቂቃ እስከ 1 ሰኣት ከመጀመሪያው ዙር የበለጠ ጊዜ ይወስዳል::

አሁናዊ የክፍያ ሁኔታ ለሁለት የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ ዙሮች ለሁሉም አይነት የመመለጥ ደረጃዎች 24,000 ብር እናስከፍላለን:: 

ጭንቀትዎን እንረዳለን ነገር ግን ብዙ አይጨነቁ ካልወደዱት የረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ እንደማኛውም የተለመደ የታቱ አይነት ያለምንም ጠባሳ በጨረር መጥፋት የሚችል ነገር ነው ነገር ግን እስከዛሬ እኛጋ ተሰርቶ እንዲጠፋለት የፈለገ አንድም ሰው አላጋጠመንም:: በርግጠኝነት እስከዛሬ ይሄን አማራጭ ባለመጠቀምዎት/ባለማዎቅዎት ይቆጫሉ እንጂ አይጸጸቱም::

ከረቀቀ የፀጉር ታቱ ሁዋላ ምን ሊመስሉ እንደሚችሉ ለመሳል እንዲመችዎት በአለም ላይ የመጀመሪያ የሆነውን ስናፕቻት ሌንስ አዘጋጅተናል:: ስናፕቻት ላይ ‘Scalpalex’ ብለው ይፈልጉና ይሞክሩት::

አያስቡ በአስተማማኝ እጅ ላይ ነዎት!

ስቱዲዮዋችንና በዉስጡ ያሉ እቃዎች በየቀኑ በኦዞንና ዩቪ ዲስኢንፌክት ይደረጋሉ ለያንዳንዱ ዙር አዳዲስ መርፌዎችና አቃፊ ነው የምንጠቀመው( ራስዎት አይተው እንዲከፍቱ እናደርጋለን) በአለም ላይ ምርጥ ከሚባሉት ማእከሎች አንዱ ስለሆንን በስራችን ደስተኛ ይሆናሉ፡፡

ቀጠሮ ለማስያዝ Book Now የሚለዉን ቁልፍ ይጫኑ ወይም +251911259301 ይደዉሉ፡፡

ቀጠሮ ለማስያዝ ከጠቅላላ ሂሳብ ላይ ተቀናሽ የሚሆን 2000 ብር እናስከፍላለን::

ቀኖች ከተያዙ፣ ቀጠሮ ከራቀብዎትና ቅርብ ቀጠሮ ከፈለጉ ተጨማሪ 20% (4,800 ብር) የፕሪሚየም ክፍያ እናስከፍላለን፡፡

ሰዎች ከተሰሩ በኋላ የምንሰጣቸዉ የድህረ እንክብካቤ ንባብ የሚከተለውን ይመስላል እያቀረቡ ያንብቡት

post scalp micropigmentation after care amharic

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SMP mockup
AR lenses

You want to have an idea on how you might look after SMP sessions? We have released  ‘First in the world’ snapchat SMP AR lenses with different hairlines & pigment shades sliders. click on the following links or search ‘Scalpalex’ on snapchat’s lens explorer.

Two sessions scalp micropigmentation procedure

Our trademark two sessions scalp microigmentation procedure

We usually finish the procedures (even a Norwood 7) in two sessions with our exclusive technique’s. you will see results starting from the first session. definitely you will love our work and how natural it looks.

We offer the most ultra realistic natural undetectable  scalp micropigmentation results

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