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Scalp Micropigmentation
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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a closely shaven full head of hair with a hairline on a bald head or adds density to a thinning hair with no reported side effects. SMP is considered a permanent hair loss solution but depending on how it’s taken care of in the
following years usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup session.


Who are we?

We are one of the best scalp micropigmentation service providers in the world based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. owned two exclusive SMP techniques ‘SSMP(Scalpalex SMP)’ & ‘The Spiral crown hair technique’ contributed a lot to the industry with excellent customer service, 5 star reviews and ultra realistic, natural looking, undetectable results with impeccable quality and attention to details. We are a specialist in dark skinned clients and owned ‘World first’ SMP mockups lenses

what do our

Clients Say?

munir amanmunir aman
12:50 08 Sep 22
5 star service, 5 star studio,5 star santization, 5 star talented honest guy. what can i say other than thank you. Thank you Alex. world class service
Fufa WorkuFufa Worku
12:03 05 Sep 22
It is cool. Now I have hairline. I am a health practitioner The guy is good and welcoming. The studio is clean and the equipments are wrapped and sterile. Over all five stars
kraish ysmailkraish ysmail
08:51 05 Sep 22
Scalpalex is the place for a life changing SMP, the guy recommended two sessions but I yearned for a third session cos I liked his work and my new look, am now totally full of confidenceCame all the way from KenyaBig up👍Scalparex
11:32 27 Aug 22
Excellent service. Thank you so much. Highly satisfied with your work
Mulugeta KetemaMulugeta Ketema
11:45 30 Jun 22
It is been 3 months looks good. Excellent customer service. I didn't expect such excellent customer support in Ethiopia. They called me to check the status. Keep it uo ☝️

Client Testimonials

The most natural and undetectable SMP results you will ever get with exclusive ultra realistic techniques

Spiral Crown hair technique

Crown hair grows in a spiral shape starting at some point and evolving like a tornado not in a linear line or random shape. Here at Scalpalex we replicated this to make the crown SMP look more natural and undetectable.

SSMP( Scalpalex SMP)

Fitz 5 and above skinned clients trimmed hair supposed to be a pack of ultra mini stroke like hair strands not a pack of dot like follicle points. we replicated this on the first session to make the SMP results as realistic as it can get.

our Services

What do we offer?

Scalp Micropigmentation for Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is a type of hairloss related to your genes and male sex hormones usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thining on the crown.a receded hairline gives you a much older appearance than you actually is. SMP helps in restoring your hairline which will give you a more youthful appearance and restore your confidence which is affected by a thining crown. what are you waiting for? book today and restore your confidence. guaranteed you will love it and you will regret the days you spent under the hat or trying other solutions.

Alopecia concealment

Alopecia areata/totalis is an autoimmune disease, whereby your immune system which is designed for protecting your body from bacteria and viruses, erroneously attacks your hair follicles instead. SMP provides guaranteed, long lasting results than traditional approaches such as immunotherapy, corticosteroids and minoxidil. Both Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Totalis can be concealed using SMP.

Scar camouflaging using SMP

The scarring from FUE (spots) and FUT (strip) hair transplant surgeries and absence of hair in those areas can be quite noticeable and have a negative effect on a person’s confidence. SMP camouflages the appearance of these scars or any non-keloid scars on the scalp and reduce the appearance of vitilingo on the scalp.

Adding density to a thining hair

Tried hair oils and sprays but they are not giving you the result you want for your thining hair? dont worry Scalp Micropigmentation is here for you. SMP makes a thining hair look fuller and thicker by creating an illusion of density and decreasing the contrast between the skin and hair without causing any issues to the existing hair.

Why choose us?

Exclusive techniques

We excute SMP techniques you will never see anywhere else in the world to make SMP as realistic as it can get. Exclusive spiral crown hair technique & Exclusive scalpalex first session

Excellent client support

We usually call clients or email them to check their SMP status a month after they finished the sessions. We will consult them if they have any concerns and if they do need support.

5 star client feedback

We amassed a total of over 100 five star reviews and 500+ treatments to our name. clients loves our approach and the treatments.

Pro team and Sponsored artist

We are part of Ghost pigment and Dragonhawk tattoo supplies pro team and sponsored by them because of the quality work we produce and most of our work feature on their pages.

Dark skinned clients specialist

We are the best in the world when it comes to producing the most natural results on Fitzpatrick 5 and above skinned clients. Recommended by SMP artists around the world.

Alemayehu Bete

SMP artist at Scalpalex Micropigmentation

Founder of Scalpalex, a computer science graduate and a former tattoo artist now more than 2 years in the SMP industry. Alemayehu is an upcoming SMP artist to the ranks and the future of SMP who can change the industry with new innovations. He has got his own technique of executing SMP and original in everything he do. he has got the skill set that could change the industry. owned two exclusive techniques ‘Spiral crown hair technique’ and ‘Scalpalex first session’. He is a pro artist in Ghost pigment and Dragonhawk. Alex is passionate and digs deep to make SMP as realistic as it can get. he is honest and enjoys what he do as an artist. Alex is his own critique and always demand better. his goal is changing lives and watch happy faces around.

What did SMP artists around the world said about us?

Sponsored by and Pro team member

Frequently Asked Questions

Some men are lucky with their hair but others find that over time their hair starts to thin and even
fall out. Leaving them with bald patches or with hair that they felt uncomfortable with.
These men will often try out a variety of ways that will help improve the look and feel of their hair,
hair regrowth sprays,hair oils and even pills, all with the hope that they will have hair like they
used to.

However these treatments do not always work,leaving them feeling disappointed by the results
and perhaps how they look. Another option that they consider is surgery, but they could be afraid
of undergoing a hair transplant or perhaps find that they are not the right candidate for one of
these procedures.

Does this mean that these men are destined to a life of thinning hair? The answer is NO. If these
individuals would be happy with the idea of a freshly shaved and natural look to their hair then
perhaps they will find that SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION is the best option for them.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a
closely shaven full head of hair with a hairline on a bald head or adds density to a thinining hair
with no reported side effects.

SMP is safe with no reported side effects. we use new,pre-sterilized needles for each client. our
studio, chairs bed,lights,mirrors, every corner.. is always sterilized using Ozone and UV daily. We
always autoclave all our equipments after each usage. equipments are always wrapped to create
a sterile environment

SMP is almost pain-free.Some say that they have experienced a little mild discomfort in the initial
stage. However, the discomfort gradually goes away after some minutes.The level of
pain depends on the pain threshold of the client which varies from person to person. But if we
are to put it on a scale of 1-10, most clients rate it from 2 to 4. So, it is relatively moderate and
nothing to worry about.

  • Individuals who shave their heads
  • Persons with Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis
  • Those whose donor hairs are not enough to cover the balding area for Hair transplant(Norwood
    stage 5,6,7)
  • Those who prefer that ‘younger look’
  • Those who had a hair transplant procedure and want to add density to the excisting
    transplanted hair.
  • Those whose hair is thinning

Scalp Micropigmentation, when done by an experienced practitioner, gives hyper-realistic
Clients say that even up close in the mirror, they can’t even tell the difference between their real
hair follicles after the treatment.

SMP is considered a permanent hair loss solution but depending on how it’s taken care of in the following years usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup session.

We are currently charging 24,000 birr for two scalp micropigmentation sessions(all Norwood
types). we have prepared a package for those who comes from outside the country.

Economic Package bundle for $785

    • 7 days in a 3 star Hotel includes a free breakfast and free wifi on your stay.
    • Free Airport pickup transfers to the hotel
    • Two scalp micropigmentation sessions
    • a free transport to the studio and back to the Hotel
    • Excellent client follow up service

Premium package bundle $975

  • 7 days in a 4 Hotel includes breakfast,lunch, dinner and free wifi for the whole stay.
  • Free Airport pickup transfers to the hotel
  • Two scalp micropigmentation sessions
  • a free transport to the studio and back to the Hotel
  • One day tour of Addis
  • Excellent client follow up service

Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and non-surgical requires no down time. Most clients
return to work right away after the procedure.

The first session takes 2-3 hours depending the extent of hair loss
The second session takes an hour more than the first session.

You can remotely book your first session date there is a down payment of ETB 2000 call +251911259301 for more info

Scalp Micropigmention is reversible. We’ve never had a customer to date want to remove the
treatment however the removal process would be similar to a tattoo removal. The difference is
that Scalp Micropigmentation is on the upper dermal skin layer/ papillary layer compared to a
regular tattoo being twice as deep. So a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is a lot easier to
remove and can be fully removed with a laser within two sessions.

No, there is no medication that will be given after the procedure. you are good to go and return
to work immediately.

If you want to have an idea on how you would look with SMP. you can try our Snapchat AR Lenses
for free. search for ‘Scalpalex’ in snapchat lens explorer.

World first
SMP mockup

You want to have an idea on how you could look after SMP sessions? Checkout our ‘First in the world’ SMP lenses with our trademark ‘widow’s peak’ hairline finish on snapchat. click on the following links or search ‘Scalpalex’ on snapchat’s lens explorer. Don’t forget to tap your phone’s screen to go bald mode if you have hair.

Our trademark two sessions procedure

Most of the time we finish the procedures (even a Norwood 7) in two sessions with our exclusive technique’s. you will see results starting from the first session. definitely you will love our work and how natural it looks.

Contact us

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Africa Avenue,Dembel City Center 2nd floor #221, infront of Zoskales Diamond
Addis Ababa | Ethiopia